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Forest Grove Police Officer’s Body Camera Captures Car Crash as it Happens

Troy Maslen with the Forest Grove Police Department was wearing a helmet-mounted camera that capture more than just a routine traffic stop on July 14th. Maslen had a driver pulled over while he heard a loud crash nearby at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Hawthorne Street. The camera shows the traffic lights on Hawthorne […]

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Car Crash or Car Accident?

Insurance companies love to talk about “accidents”, because that word implies that your injury was nobody’s fault.  Insurance company lawyers like to use the word “accident” because they hope the jury will start to believe that the “accident” was not anybody’s fault.  In reality, an “accident” is usually caused by someone who wasn’t paying attention. […]

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Pedestrian Safety Beacons Added to East Portland Intersections

As part of the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Portland’s roads, 24 new rapid flash beacons will be added to intersections. The rapid flash beacons are installed to improve safety for pedestrians crossing busy Portland streets. Two have been installed so far at Northeast 102nd Avenue and Skidmore Street, and […]

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