Is it OK to Kill Cyclists…In Oregon?

Is it OK to Kill Cyclists…In Oregon?

  Amazing article by Daniel Duane in Sunday’s New York Times. Here’s how he starts: “Everyone who knows me knows that I love cycling and that I’m also completely freaked out by it.” With a start like that, you might not be surprised where he ends up: cycling is fun, but dangerous. His main point: […]

Testifying for HB 2542: A Small Step Toward Preventing Hit-and-Run Accidents

Portland Injury Attorney: Knowledge and Experience

For a lot of folks, finding a Portland injury attorney might start by looking at advertisements online, in the newspaper, or even on television.  They may else seek word-of-mouth recommendations, asking friends, family or other legal professionals that they might know who would be the best attorney for them and their particular case or claim. […]

Why Do I Need an Oregon Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have been the victim of a not-at-fault car accident, then you will likely need to find an Oregon car accident lawyer to assist you.  An experienced lawyer will be able to assist you in recovering any type of losses that are a direct result of your car accident, and help to reduce the […]

Avoiding Portland Bicycle Accident Deaths

Avoiding Portland Bicycle Accident Deaths

Bicycling is a very joyful experience for kids and even for grownups. It is the best way to exercise your muscles and enjoy at the same time. However, people who do not take appropriate safety measures when riding a bicycle can get involved in accidents and can get severely injured or even die. Despite the […]

How Well do You Know Your Oregon Bike Lane Laws?

Given that Portland has been called the most bike-friendly city in the country, and the effort and money that have gone into providing bike lanes on city streets to make cycling safer, you would think that cyclists—and motorists—would be pretty familiar with Oregon bike lane laws. Or would they? Hardly a day goes by without […]

Injury Compensation Cases Recently Settled

The Portland injury compensation lawyers at Shulman DuBois have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved: 1)   Y.S. was an avid bicycle rider who was unable to ride her bike for over two months after being hit by a car. She spent […]

Bicycles: Good for Your Health…as Long as You Wear a Helmet

Portland has frequently been named as the most bicycle friendly city in America, and the number of people using two non-motorized wheels to get around town is increasing every year. The benefits in terms of health, a positive impact on the environment and a reduction in the impact of skyrocketing gasoline prices are not to […]