Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 2)

Staying safe while riding a bicycle on Oregon roads is not just a cyclist’s responsibility. Having said that, the problem is when a car and a bicycle come together, the car might get a scratch or two, but the cyclist is highly unlikely to be so lucky. Following the safety tips we’ve listed here will […]

Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 1)

 We offer here our Top 10 reasons cycling accidents occur, and the best ways to avoid getting hit by a car. The truth is you’d be better off following these tips without wearing a helmet and not getting hit, than to wear a helmet and think that’s the last precaution you need to take, leading […]

Tips for Safe Winter Bicycle Riding

For many people, the winter months would see their bicycles stored safely away in the shed, waiting for the snow and ice to melt and the thermometer to rise. Exercise enthusiasts who schedule regular cycling treks as part of their workout routine, turn to indoor tracks or other means of keeping fit until spring once […]

Budget Cuts Lead to No Road Paving, Possible Injuries

Our Portland personal injury lawyers may be in for a busier year than usual in 2012. Bumpy roads lead to increased accidents—fact—for both cyclists and motorists, and it’s up to the city to provide safe thoroughfares for the people using them. The latest round of budget cuts, however, would appear to indicate that Portland road […]

Portland Biker Takes Safety Seriously

In 2011, a total of 319 people lost their lives on Oregon roads. That figure is almost identical to 2010 statistics. Tragically, however, the number of cyclists who were killed in traffic accidents more than doubled in the past 12 months. This raises questions regarding the safety of Oregon roads for bicyclists, and what can […]

Portland to Enforce Sidewalk Bicycling Laws

Portland has long been known as a city where huge numbers of people use bicycles for a wide variety of purposes—to get to work, to see the sights, to protect the environment and of course, for exercise. Sadly, the ever-increasing number of cyclists has led to safety issues for cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians. As Portland […]

Spinal Cord Injuries After Auto Accidents

Back injuries can be one of the most terrifying consequences of a car accident. Besides the extreme pain, the fear of paralysis or other serious long-term effects make spinal cord injuries among the most dreaded of all. A broken leg will heal. Cuts and bruises fade, but damage to the spine means a lifetime of […]

Summer Cycling Safety Tips for Portland Bicyclists

As the month of June begins, we are ever closer to the official start of the summer season. The warm weather combined with the beautiful Oregon scenery will bring many people outdoors with their bicycles, especially in bike-friendly Portland. Unfortunately, more bicyclists on the road increase the risk of bicycle accidents. Bicyclists in Oregon are […]