California Doctor Sentenced for Assaulting Bike Riders

Date: January 8, 2010 Location: Los Angeles, California Names: Christopher Thompson On July 4, 2008, according to the Los Angeles Times, Brentwood physician Christopher Thompson was on his way to work when he found himself behind a pair of bicycles. First he honked his horn. Then he passed the bicycles, edging dangerously close to them. […]

Judge’s Decision in Bike-Car Collision is Reprehensible

Date: December 21, 2009 recently brought to our attention a court decision we find reprehensible. We believe that everyone – drivers, bikers, and walkers – share responsibility on the roads. But when a judge rules in favor of an absent-minded and reckless driver with the advantage of 2,000 pounds of machine behind her, when […]

Bicyclist Killed, Drivers Cited in Fatal N. Portland Accident

Date: November 4, 2009 Location: North Willamette Blvd. & North Haven Ave., Portland, Oregon Names: Kipp Crawford, Carlos Tyrone McCall, Felisa Washington-Berry So many questions remain surrounding the death of Kipp Crawford, 31, a Portland, Oregon, musician who died November 4, 2009, after he was found in the road next to his bike. According to […]

Canadian Bicyclist Killed after Falling into Traffic

Date: September 20, 2009 Location: U.S. Highway 101 near Northeast 10th Street, Lincoln City, Oregon Names: Kit Yang Charlene Pun, Doral E. Bray Type: Bicycle-Car Accident A Calgary, Alberta, woman was killed around 6 PM, September 20, 2009, when she fell off her bicycle on Highway 101 in Lincoln City and was struck by a […]

Driver Who Backed Into Cyclist Charged with Assault

Date: August 31, 2009 Location: NE 122nd Avenue and Glisan Street, Portland Names: Michael F. Luther, Wayne Conrad Thompson According to the car accident article, a cyclist is recovering and a man is charged with assault after backing into him in a collision in Northeast Portland on Monday, August 31. Reports said the driver, Wayne […]

UPDATE: Driver in Bicyclist Dragging Incident Suspect

Date: August 16, 2009 Location: Northeast Portland Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnall The Oregonian reports that Portland police have new information regarding a bicycle injury dragging incident that occurred in Northeast Portland between bicyclist Kevin Stevenson and an unknown driver this Thursday, August 13th.

Cyclist Dragged 150 Feet in Road Rage Incident

Date: August 13, 2009 Location: Northeast Couch Street and Sandy Boulevard Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnell The Oregonian reported yesterday that a cyclist was seriously injured after being draggedĀ 150 feet by an automobile driver. The details of the incident are still forming, with varying viewpoints of what happened, but theĀ Oregonian reports that at approximately 1 […]