Pedestrian Deaths in Oregon a Cause for Concern

Pedestrian Deaths in Oregon a Cause for Concern

It would be fair to say that the majority of Portland pedestrians understand and, for the most part, abide by the rules of the road at intersections or any time they’re crossing a busy street. While knowing and abiding by the rules certainly helps, it doesn’t, however, always ensure the safety of pedestrians. Officials are […]

Recent Car Recalls that May Surprise You

While Toyota has experienced well-publicized difficulties with millions of cars being recalled over the past few years, the motoring public generally thinks of cars from Eastern Europe or Korea when they hear that a new flaw in a vehicle’s safety systems means they have to be taken back to the dealer for a (hopefully) quick […]

Talking Urinal Cakes – To Stop Drunk Drivers?

“Is that person talking to me?” and “What is a woman doing in the men’s toilets?” are just two of the questions men who have had too much to drink may be asking around the country if a novel idea to deter people who have had too much to drink from getting behind the wheel […]

Bicycles: Good for Your Health…as Long as You Wear a Helmet

Portland has frequently been named as the most bicycle friendly city in America, and the number of people using two non-motorized wheels to get around town is increasing every year. The benefits in terms of health, a positive impact on the environment and a reduction in the impact of skyrocketing gasoline prices are not to […]

Tips to Avoiding Construction Zone Car Accidents

Distracted drivers are responsible for more than a dozen deaths on American roads every day, and Portland personal injury attorneys have noted that construction zone car accidents are especially perilous places for drivers to be taking on cell phones or worse, texting. The prevention of construction zone car accidents is purely dependent on drivers being […]

Portland Car Attorneys Spotlight 10 Worst Vehicles for 2011

You’ve seen all the commercials telling you how great this SUV is, or how driving that sporty little hatchback will change your life, but a Portland car attorney is looking at things from a different angle. While every Detroit manufacturer wants you to think they produce the best vehicle, please see below a compilation of […]

Portland Rollover Accidents Are Still a Problem

If a traffic accident that injures or kills drivers and passengers could have been prevented long before the accident took place, is it right to still call it an accident? If a design flaw causes a vehicle to roll over after a tire blows out or when a driver makes a sudden turn for whatever […]

Portland’s Most Dangerous Intersections

For Portland drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, moving through the city is certainly more risky in some places than others. In fact, just 4% of Portland’s intersections accounted for more than 65% of all pedestrian fatalities over a 10-year period. Anyone moving about in the area east of 38th Avenue on the city’s east side is […]