Oregon Car Crash Statistics 2010

As another year winds down, we look back and ask the age old question, “Were the good old days really better, or do we just remember them that way?” The same question applies to 2010 Oregon car crash statistics. Some people swear drivers are more aggressive, more dangerous and more distracted now than ever before. […]

The Cost of Portland Traffic Crashes: $2.74 Billion in 2009

People generally believe that time spent sitting in traffic jams is expensive time lost. They feel the costs in terms of lost earnings, as well as the physical and emotional strains caused by sitting in traffic, are extremely high. Those people would be absolutely right. The congestion cost in the Portland metropolitan area for 2009 […]

Guide to Buying a Safe Family Car from Portland Car Accident Attorneys

You’ve looked at all the latest models. They come with every gadget and gizmo imaginable. Nowadays, cars, SUV’s and even pickup trucks have sound systems to rival any movie theater, satellite navigation systems that could have been put together at NASA, and seats that keep you warm in a blizzard and cool in a heat […]

Prevent Summer Drunk Driving Accidents and Injuries in Oregon

On Tuesday, Hillsboro resident Andres Escobedo was sentenced to three years and four months of jail time for driving drunk and causing the death of his fiancé Ashley Dettra. This is a very tragic story – Escobedo is only 21 years old. But drunk driving is a major problem and considering the way he was […]

Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) After a Portland Car Accident

Many different things can cause PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and car crashes are a very common one. It is normal after a traumatic experience to feel frightened and overwhelmed, and in most cases these feelings go away with time and life returns to normal. Treating PTSD after a car crash can be just as important […]

43-Year-Old Man Killed in Single Vehicle Crash Identified

Date: June 21, 2011 Location: Highway 26, near milepost 91, west of Warm Springs Name: William Todd Lea Oregon State Police confirmed on Wednesday that the 43-year-old man killed in a single vehicle crash on Tuesday afternoon was William Todd Lea, of the Eugene area. OSP Sergeant Keith Taylor said that state troopers were called […]

Wife of Former Astoria City Councilman Succumbs to Injuries

Date: June 14, 2011 Location: Highway 105, near 5th Street, Astoria Names: Anna Morden, Donald Morden, Kenneth Ness Oregon State Police are continuing to investigate an Oregon log truck accident which claimed the life of 83-year-old Anna Morden, the wife of a former Astoria City council member, last Tuesday afternoon. A vehicle alleged to have […]

Woman Killed in Head-On Collision on Highway 97

Date: May 28, 2011 Location: Highway 97 near Milepost 43, Kent Names: Kimberly Ann Keith, Rule Curtis Beasley, Gary Louis Keith, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Mejia A three-car crash has resulted in the death of a Washington woman and injuries to two others. At about 2:25pm Rule Curtis Beasley, age 79 of The Dalles, was driving […]