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Fireworks Safety Tips

With the Fourth of July coming up, everyone gets excited about fireworks.  Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate but can also be very dangerous.  It is important to be safe when handling fireworks and make sure others around you are also being safe to avoid accidents and injury. Below are some recommended safety tips […]

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How Measure 91 will Affect Driving and Marijuana Starting July 1

Starting on Wednesday, marijuana will be legal to possess and grow in Oregon for those over the age of 21.  There are many questions that Oregonians have regarding what is now going to be legal and what is still illegal when it comes to marijuana. It will now be legal to transport your marijuana in […]

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The World Naked Bike Ride is this Saturday

Every year cyclists gather at a specified location in Portland and ride their bikes nude to protest against society’s dependence on oil. The ride originated behind that idea, but today many people ride to promote cycling as a viable mode of transportation and fun activity. Some of the top reasons people ride are to help […]

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