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Twenty-six Percent of Car Wrecks Involve Cell Phones

  With all the warnings about talking or texting while driving, a new study shows the situation is actually getting worse. Cellphone usage is now an issue in 36% of all motor vehicle crashes according to an annual survey from the National Safety Council. The survey found that 21% of phone related crashes involve drivers […]

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Oregon DUI Laws

Oregon has some of the more strict laws when it comes to drinking and driving. In our state you can receive up to 1 year in jail for driving under the influence. The fine that you could receive is between $1,000 and $2,000. In Oregon, your licensed will be suspended for 1 year in most […]

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Driving Safety on Black Ice

With multiple crashes in Oregon this past weekend due to black ice on roads, we believe it is important to use extreme caution during icy conditions. Early mornings pose some of the greatest danger when driving in the dark on icy roads. Morning fog can reduce visibility making it harder to see ice on the […]

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