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Seven Common Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Accident Case

Mistake 1: Giving a statement to the other driver’s insurance company.  Giving them a statement will give the other insurance company more reasons to reduce the amount of money they will pay you. Mistake 2: Waiting to seek medical treatment, or not following your doctor’s orders.  A jury and insurance company are more likely to take […]

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars due to more severe consequences if an accident occurs. A motorcyclist is more likely to die in a crash typically than a car or truck driver. To avoid accidents when riding a motorcycle it is important to pay serious attention to safety. Many accidents can be avoided through education […]

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Teen Driving Safety Tips

Inexperience is the main reason why teens are likely to get into a car crash. New drivers have an increased likelihood of getting into a car crash due to their lack of experience driving. It is important to make sure your teen has had a proper amount of education and practice when learning how to […]

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